5 best virtual Escape Games for your companies’ Christmas party

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Christmas is just around the corner🎅. Many companies are still spending most of their time working from home due to the pandemic. It has been proven that bringing employees together to celebrate has a positive impact on team morale. While a wine tasting event on Zoom was OK for last year's Christmas partiesit is time for companies to investigate more engaging alternatives in 2021. 

Escape games have been booming even prior to the pandemicIn the last months, we observed a further increase with many virtual escape game solutions being created. At Veertly, we have tested some of these escape game options over the past months to strengthen our team spirit. See below our five favorite online escape games: 

  1. Mibo Island:

Sherlocked and Mibo have jointly created a fun virtual escape game. You can explore different islands 🏝️ with your avatar, collect funny hats and solve challenges together with your team. You must communicate well and coordinate with your teammates to be able to finish the escape game. In September, our colleagues organized a fun team event by embedding Mibo Island into our platform. We had a great time and our team loved it! 

  • Price: Group ticket: 25 € | Tournament: 10€ pp.
  • Time: Rooms stay open until all puzzles are solved (~60 min.)
  • Player: Group: Minimum of 4 players; Maximum of 5. Tournament: One island hosts up to 25 players, for a bigger group size multiple islands will be organized

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 4.41.22 PM-1

2. Leenook: 

You are locked in a dark room. Find hints that help you to unveil hidden objects which are required to solve puzzles and open doors🚪. It’s an advanced 3D experience and very similar to physical escape games. Read more about Leenook and how we used it in Veertly here. 

  • Price: For information about the pricing contact Leenook directly
  • Time: Maximum 2 hours
  • Player: No minimum or maximum players


3. Bewilderbox:

Dive into an immersive virtual escape room – Christmas Edition 🎄. Bewilderbox offers an exciting and humorous game that boosts your team’s joyful spirit. Work together to solve the mysterious kidnapping of Father Christmas by completing different puzzles, riddles and games.

  • Price: 22,5€ per game
  • Time: 60-90 min.
  • Player: 2-6; For bigger group sizes simply book multiple games and see who can solve the mystery first

4. Palacesphere:

You receive a mystic letter inviting you to the renowned Ruby Palace 💒, where different spooky tasks await you. The ‘Ruby Palace’ is the first mission in a series of three virtual escape games you can choose in between for your team event. The adventures are designed to be played in smaller teams that compete against each other, even featuring a leadership board.

  • Price: 17€ pp.
  • Time: On average 90 min.
  • Player: 2 player minimum; No maximum


5. Raccoon:

The Raccoon mission takes you and your team to a deserted island on a quest for a valuable lost treasure 💰. The ‘Route to Riches’ offers different adventurous games you have to complete in time. With the options to change the colors and logo, the Escape Room is fully customizable to your brand. 

  • Price: Starting at 15€ pp.
  • Time: 75-90 min.
  • Player: 10 player minimum to 500+

Route to Riches


The best virtual escape game experience is by directly embedding the game into a video call to avoid jumping back and forth between multiple browser tabs. All of the top 5 virtual escape games listed above can be perfectly embedded into Veertly – the most flexible platform for your virtual and hybrid events. 

Christmas is around the corner, so don’t wait for too much longer! Schedule a live demo today and bring the best puzzle-solving Christmas experience to your colleagues!


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