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      PIRATEx is an event agency providing all-inclusive online and hybrid event experiences.

      Creating memorable virtual events for PIRATEx

      PIRATEx is an event agency, working with clients including Telekom, DHL, DocuSign, Henkel, and others to provide all-inclusive online and hybrid event experiences. Their work spans all aspects of event design and implementation, including event consultation, event production, and event design and concept. Veertly supports PIRATEx by providing our online and hybrid event platform to host events for their clients.

      How we helped PIRATEx 

      Connecting has never been easier

      During the pandemic, PIRATEx made a rapid shift from producing in-person to online events. In June 2021, their event managers organized an online conference on Veertly, connecting students to entrepreneurs and start-up companies. The studio production utilized remote speakers and presenters, with over 500 participants tuning in via Veertly to show live reactions, chat, participate in discussions, and network with each other.

      "Our client previously held other events on Veertly and were very happy with the platform. They particularly enjoyed the option to embed third-party networking and Q&A tools for discussion, as well as using Veertly's global chat" - Frederik Menge, Project manager at PIRATEx


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      Easy setup is what clients value most 

      Depending on a client’s needs, the simple implementation to create and host the event is the feature PIRATEx appreciates most. When compared to other platforms, Veertly stands out for its ease to use and quick setup.

      "We've used many other event tech platforms at PIRATEx. We chose Veertly because it provided the fastest setup and easiest implementation for this event”  - Frederik Menge, Project manager at PIRATEx


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      Participation and engagement 

      Participants particularly appreciate the reaction emojis during a call or a presentation. This feature increases audience engagement, helping to create an atmosphere of real-time interaction and participation.

      "Alex showed me the beta function of emojis on a call. The experience feels like participating in an Instagram live. Participants enjoyed these different types of reactions expressions. This feature produced even more engagement during the event.” - Frederik Menge, Project manager at PIRATEx

      The results we helped generate for PIRATEx 

      The most important aspect of PIRATEx production is client satisfaction. With over 500 attendees, the event ran smoothly on the Veertly software. Using Veertly, PIRATEx's clients were happy with the end results of the event. Their expectations were exceeded, and most importantly, the participants enjoyed their evening. PIRATEx recommends Veertly's flexible platform for many different use cases. 

      "If you need a live stream, with an easy way of participants to join in, that provides the opportunity for participate in a Q&A or networking, Veertly is the platform for that. I can recommend it” - Frederik Menge, Project manager at PIRATEx

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