How to plan an engaging virtual Christmas Party

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Yes, virtual Christmas parties are still a thing...

We are closing in on the most wonderful time of the year, again 🎄. For companies, this means throwing Christmas parties for your colleagues and celebrating the achievements of 2021. Let's face it, we are all in a need of a bit of fun after a year full of uncertainties! Yet for many companies, the question remains: "how can I organize an engaging and fun-filled Christmas party that my colleagues will love?"

Don't fret, because Veertly has you covered! The Veertly platform is perfectly suited for Christmas team events. With endless customization options and unlimited integrations, your next Christmas party will be a hit amongst your colleagues. Keep on reading as we give you some magical ideas to make your company Christmas party a true hit amongst your employees: 


Embed games and make networking fun

With Veertly, you have all the tools you need thanks to our endless integration options. You can: 

  • Play games together while still being connected through a video call ðŸ•đ

    Some of our favorites are Gartic phone, Skribbl, and various virtual escape games. We have put a list of virtual escape game providers, which you can check out here. If you have any other game in mind, make sure to contact our customer success team to check if the game is embeddable into Veertly.

  • Network in a super fun and engaging way with your colleagues ðŸĪŠ

    You can use our native networking tool or embed a 3rd party networking provider such as HyHyve. To see networking tools that can be embedded into our event platform, make sure to browse through the Veertly marketplace

  • Take hilarious pictures in our virtual photo booth ðŸ“ļ 

    3.. 2... 1....Snap. Get dressed up, add stickers to your pictures, and share them with all colleagues of your virtual holiday party in a shared gallery. You can even do boomerangs and gifs as well as vote on your favorite pictures.

Host a live show

  • Organize a cocktail or hot wine workshop with a professional barista ðŸļ
  • Hire a magician and teach your employees a few magic tricks  ðŸ§™â€â™€ïļ
  • Christmas is the time for good food and baking Christmas cookies. Organize cooking or baking workshop ðŸŠ
  • Have your obligatory Christmas raffle, online 🎟


We have many, many more ideas to make your virtual Christmas Party a special one this year! Book a personal demo with us to learn more. We can also support you with hybrid Christmas events!

Another side benefit: You can bring all your employees from all offices around the world together to the very same Christmas party! 


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