Product updates - 09/09/2021

      2 min read

      We are back with an exciting new update this week, a feature that has been requested by many of you: 

      🧑‍🎨 Dynamic user profiles

      Organizers of the events can now fully customize which information they want to have their attendees filling in when entering an event. You can add new fields, order them, hide them in an advanced profile section or remove the default ones. The same type of customization is available for the registration form.

      In order to edit the profile of the attendees, go to the attendee's section of your cockpit and click customize profile. The editing of the registration form is possible on the RSVP section in the access control of your event in the cockpit. To help you navigate through this new feature, we have prepared 2 new tutorial videos 👇


      🐛Fixed the issue with the guest list when importing users with many tags

      In some particular conditions when importing guests with a big amount of tags, the importing was failing. We have reviewed the import function to take into account all the tags added to avoid this issue.


      🐛 Fixed the issue of the mini-player resizing

      In some conditions, the resizing of the mini-player was getting stuck. We have now prevented the resize of the mini-player to a player smaller than 300x169 pixels, in order to prevent this issue.

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