Product updates - 15/09/2021

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      We are back with some new updates and bug fixes this week: 

      🔐 Pentest results: very high level of security by TuringPoint

      We have performed a pentest campaign at the end of August and have just received the certificate ensuring a very high level of security given by TuringPoint. You can check the online certificate here: Certificate provided by TuringPoint

      🔤 Sort the list of speakers in the agenda alphabetically

      The list of participants in the agenda is now sorted alphabetically by first and last name.

      🐛 Allow selecting sessions outside of the event dates in the agenda

      It is now possible to select and edit sessions that are not part of the official time of the event. We have also improved the agenda when events are multi-year.

      🐛 Add missing newlines in the .ics calendar files

      When downloading or receiving the .ics calendar invite by email, the new lines added in the description were not being added in the ics. We have reviewed and improved the content of the .ics file.

      🐛 Fixed the dragging behavior of the mini-player

      When the mini-player is open on top of a video call or other applications, the dragging was being interrupted by those apps and not working as expected. This is now fixed.

      🐛 Fixed the refreshing of networking suggestions

      If the user is in the networking area, in some conditions the suggestions were not refreshed when someone enters the networking area. We have improved this mechanism to identify new participants in the networking area and refresh the suggestions.

      🐛 Fixed the issue in the create account screen on the background-color

      For some of the white-label partners, the background color of the logo present in the create new account screen was not the same as the one in the login screen.

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