Product updates - 16/08/2021

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We are back with new updates this week! We hope you will find the new them useful for your next event. 


🎟️ Choose the login methods per event

On the Access Control section of the cockpit, you can now choose which login methods you want to allow your attendees to use. Please note that if a user is already logged in to the platform, this selection cannot be enforced.


🔑 Single sign-on

We have now the support for single sign-on. We can use any of the standard protocols or Identity Providers (SAML, ADFS, OIDC, Azure, Okta, etc). This way, all logins of the configured domains will connect to your identity system instead of sending an email through our platform. If you are interested to have a connection with your system for your event or to enable it on your white-label instance, just contact us and we will activate it for you.

🗺️  Allow selecting any common area, category, or room in the custom event maps destinations

In the custom event map builder, when creating an area, you can now select any of the common areas of the event, any category, or room.





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