Product updates - 29/09/22

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      Cold weather is coming, and virtual events are starting!  

      To assist you in your upcoming event season, our team has been working on some special new features.

      Thanks to these features, you can provide a customized experience to different groups of attendees. This is especially interesting for organizers who 

      • sell different ticket categories with separate experiences 
      • want to send sponsored content to some but not all attendees 
      • host events with multiple tracks or simultaneous speakers 
      • deeply care about a personalized experience for each attendee 

      Send polls to specific attendees (and other updates) 📊

      We have launched some new improvements in the polls inside the Veertly platform: 

      • Filter and send out polls by tag and location - choose to whom a poll should be sent by event tags and location 
      • Multiple choice polls - allow your attendees to select multiple options in the polls. 
      • Standalone results page - present the results of the polls at any time through screen share.  

      Check out our changelog for step-by-step instructions on how to use the above features. 

      Share broadcast by tags and attendee location 📣 

      Organizers and event hosts can now target specific users via broadcast messages. This is done using the 'filter by tags' field when editing the broadcast message. 

      This is an excellent feature for those planning multiple sessions at the same time or those with different ticket categories.  

      P.S. Broadcasts and polls can also be broadcasted into specific rooms and event areas.

      Customize the agenda for each attendee 🗓 

      You can now have different agenda sessions for different users by using the tag mechanism. This allows you to create a personalized experience for each attendee and avoid information overload during your event. 

      When editing an agenda session, you can specify a set of tags. All users with a specific tag can see the agenda session. If the session doesn't have a tag specified, it will be shown to all attendees. 

      You can get a detailed overview of all new features on our updates page.

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