Product updates - Q1 2023

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      We have been quiet on the front, but been busy in the back lately. Hence, we are happy to share with you all new Veertly product updates from the past weeks to make the most flexible virtual events platform even more tailored to your needs. Since there is a lot to process this time, let's get directly into it.

      PS. You can always get a detailed overview of all new features on our updates page in real time.

      New interface to move attendees in real time ↔

      We have added a new way to move attendees between locations with a single view in real time. In the manage attendees dialog, we:

      • Changed the drag and drop to Move in bulk with the same behavior as before, allowing users to move several users in a bulk mode

      • Added a new option Move one by one. For each participant, you can simply drag it and move to the new location. Once you do it, you will be prompted to confirm the move and if you do it, the user will move immediately to that location. The same screen will be updated and you can keep managing other attendees.

        Besides this drag-and-drop functionality, you can also promote users to host/speakers by clicking with the right button of your mouse on the respective user.

      Screenshot 2023-03-06 at 09


      Allow navigation with keyboard ⌨️

      We are proud to making Veertly more accessible. You now can use the keyboard to use the navigation bar and also the avatar menu.

      • Use tab / shift tab to navigate on the navbar
      • Use space or enter to activate navbar entry (as per normal accessible button)


      Show add calendar only after registration 🗓️

      You can now make sure a user only adds the events to their calendar after it has registered to the event. This will make sure the add to calendar button does not appear on the registration page.



      No more Social buttons! 🫣

      If you do not want your attendees to share your event on social media, you can now hide the social media buttons after the user registered to your event. Note that they can still copy the event link and spread the word.

      You can change this setting in your Cockpit > Select your event > Configuration


      Hide "leave Main Stage" button 😶‍🌫️

      You can now hide the button to leave the main stage from the event participants:



      Join room with a single click 🖱️

      Now you can enable a feature that bypasses the prompt asking if the user wants enter the a new room.


      ⚠️ Disclaimer: We actually don't recommend this setting as attendees might enter in a video call without knowing it.


      Select default event area  📍

      We have enabled the possibility to choose the initial event area of a user when it enters the event.
      You can change the initial location by going to your cockpit > select your event > configuration > custom default landing area:


      📥 Download full profile of attendees

      We have enhanced the export of the attendees list with all the fields of their profiles, including the custom fields added to the attendee profiles.

      You can download them in the cockpit of your event, under the attendees section. On the top right of the table, you have a download button. The generated .csv file contains all the custom fields of the attendees. You can also opt to show those fields in the list of visible columns.

      Screenshot 2023-03-01 at 17


      Replace Google Fonts by GDPR compliant service 🇪🇺

      We have replaced the google fonts service used to allow dynamic fonts in the platform with the Bunny Fonts solution which is GDPR compliant and doesn't track any information from the requests on their end.
      For more details about Bunny Fonts, check here.

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