"Run-of-show" template: Your free resource to run events effectively

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Online and especially hybrid events can get very complex. Running one or even multiple live streams, with dozens of speakers while still keeping the overview of who will be online and who will show up in-person? That's indeed a challenge! A "Run-of-show" guide is the tool you need to structure your virtual and hybrid event program and stay on top of things before and especially during the event day.

  1. What is a Run-of-show-Document:

At its core, a 'Run of Show' or 'Director Schedule' is a document that lays out the timing, agenda, speaker, and content for each moment of an event. The 'Run of Show (RoS) helps to keep events of all scales running smoothly. Whether it's online, on-site, or hybrid. This is a must-have for all event managers. A very good document also contains an overview of all stakeholders and emergency numbers for your event. We like to say: “No RoS, No Event”.

2. Why do you need this free 'Run of Show' template?

Running successful online and hybrid events requires good project and event management skills. But guidelines such as the Veertly 'Run of Show' template are useful tools and provides the following benefits: 

  • Always stay on top and own your event schedule
  • Helps to delegate tasks and ensure your team members know what to do
  • Keep calm when last-minute changes to the event are required
  • Be prepared when speakers do not manage to share their screen and have the presentations at hand
  • Reduces stress and anxiety before and during the event
  • Have the most important contact details of your stakeholders in one place

3. Who needs a 'Run of Show' document?

Frankly speaking: Everyone who is managing and running online, hybrid or physical events! It doesn't matter if you have a large conference coming up, an internal company hackathon, or a team event.

But of course, there are some crucial parties involved who really should have one:

  • Event production companies (eg. for on-site or Livestream productions)
  • Event agencies
  • The main event organizer and additional event managers
  • Support staff, eg. everyone with a organizational responsibility
  • Speakers and session leaders
  • Moderators and hosts

4. Get your event template here - for free!

Based on our experience of multiple years of running online and hybrid events successfully, we have created a template for you. Download your free template now to get started. Of course, you can adjust it to your needs at any time. 

You will find an overview of the program including time, speaker(s), content, and a hybrid section to fill in when needed. As well as a table just for important key stakeholders of your event.

Download your template here

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