Ticket sales strategies for online events

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Online Event Ticketing

In an increasingly digital world, online events such as virtual conferences, trade shows and digital networking events have become an integral part of our everyday lives. The right online event platform is crucial to the success of such events. One of the key challenges in organizing online events is ticket sales. In this article, we would like to share with you valuable ticket sales strategies for online events and how you can find the right online ticketing solution for your business.

Nutzung Use of an online event platform and the integration of online ticketing

However, a successful event starts long before the actual date: Selling tickets is one of the key challenges for event organizers. Before we get to the pricing strategies, it is important to clarify the basics.

  1. Choose the right online event platform

    Choosing the right online event app is crucial to the success of your event. Make sure to choose a platform that meets all your requirements and is user-friendly. A good virtual event platform will offer numerous benefits and features such as live streaming, interactive tools for networking and discussions, and integrations with other tools and services you may need. Veertly is one such platform that is great for organizing online events.

  2. Optimize your landing page

    The landing page where your potential attendee:s can buy tickets should be attractively designed and contain all relevant information. Make sure that the page looks good on all devices (e.g. desktop, smartphone and tablet) and is easy to navigate. Integrating online ticketing into your platform can be helpful here to simplify the purchasing process for your attendee:s. Some event platforms automatically create responsive landing pages including registration options.

  3. Use social media and online marketing

    To boost your ticket sales, you should promote your online event on various channels. Social media is an effective tool to reach your target audience and draw attention to your event. Create engaging content that encourages your followers to buy tickets and share your event. It often helps to acquire well-known personalities for a keynote speech to boost ticket sales. This can also often still leverage the speaker's social media reach to draw attention to the event.

    Also, use email marketing to inform your existing contacts about your event and provide personalized offers. The more touchpoints you have with your potential attendees, the more likely they are to register for your event and purchase an online event ticket.

Important Event Ticketing Basics

  1. Set the right price

Choosing the right price for tickets is critical to the success of your event. You want to appeal to a wide audience as well as cover your costs and make a profit. Analyze the market and consider your target audience to determine the optimal price. You may also want to consider discounted pricing or early bird tickets to encourage registration.

  1. Customizable ticket options

Customization is an important aspect of planning an online event. Offer different ticket options to meet the needs of your attendees. For example, you could offer VIP tickets that include additional features or exclusive access to certain areas of your online event platform, or include a virtual meet & greet with one of the speakers. Another option is group tickets, which encourage companies and organizations to register their employee:s together. For more ideas, see the next section.

  1. Marketing and promotion

An effective marketing strategy is crucial for ticket sales. Use various channels to promote your online event. Social media platforms, email marketing, blog posts, and influencer collaborations, e.g. via discounted tickets, are just a few of the many ways to generate awareness for your event. Make sure your marketing messages are clear and engaging and highlight the benefits of attending your event.

  1. Simple registration process

A user-friendly registration process is essential for successful online ticketing. Choose an online event platform that allows for easy and secure ticket purchasing. Make sure attendees can purchase their tickets quickly and easily without having to fill out long forms or navigate through complex menus. Seamless registration drives sales and leaves a positive impression on your potential attendees.

  1. Partnerships and sponsoring

In addition to revenue from ticket sales to attendees, event managers can also tap into other revenue streams. For example, partnerships can be formed or sponsorship packages can be sold to companies that also want access to the same target group. Sponsors can also have virtual sponsor booths where they can present their company and products to virtual attendees and generate leads.

Determine the right online event pricing strategy

To help you successfully market your events and increase attendee:inside numbers, we have compiled some effective ticket sales strategies for online events in this section. The pricing strategy also depends on the event type, so the strategy can be very different whether you are hosting an online conference, a trade show or an interactive workshop.

  1. Early booking discounts

Early bird discounts are a proven strategy for attracting potential attendee:s to your online event early. This type of discount can be both time-limited and contingent to create an incentive for quick action. By using an online event platform, you can easily offer and manage such discounts.

  1. Group tickets

The ability to purchase group tickets can increase the attractiveness of your event to businesses and organizations. With an online ticketing solution, you can easily set up group tickets and the corresponding discounts so that teams or groups of friends can attend your event together.

  1. Free tickets for influencers and opinion leaders

Influencers and opinion leaders in your industry can be valuable multipliers for your online event. By providing them with free tickets or increasing the likelihood that they will report on your event and draw their followers' attention to it. You can also actively involve influencers in the sale of tickets via affiliate links to create an additional incentive.

  1. Exclusive content und bonus materials

Offer exclusive content or bonuses to attendees of your online event to drive ticket sales. For example, you can offer workshops, webinars or Q&A sessions only for ticket holders or give them access to exclusive materials. An online event platform facilitates the organization and execution of such exclusive offers.

  1. Clever pricing

Differentiated pricing for different ticket categories can also help increase ticket sales. For example, you can set different prices for students, self-employed persons or non-profit organizations. An online ticketing solution allows you to easily implement and manage such pricing categories. Moreover, you can also consider implementing a demand-based or dynamic pricing strategy, e.g. that tickets become more expensive the more tickets have already been sold.


Successful ticket sales strategies for online events are diverse and depend on a number of factors. The important thing is to have a good idea for your online event, address a specific target group and generate relevant content for attendees. An online event platform and online ticketing can help you find and implement the right strategies for your target group.


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