Looking Beyond Hopin: Top European Alternatives for Online Events

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RingCentral Acquires Virtual Events Assets From Hopin - UC Today

In the modern, digitized world, virtual event platforms have taken on a crucial role. They bring people together from all over the world, regardless of spatial and temporal constraints. In this way, they have created a completely new dimension of exchange and collaboration. One of these pioneers in this field was Hopin, originally one of the fastest growing European startups ever.

However, Hopin (from the UK) was recently acquired by the American company 'Ringcentral:. This change has made some headlines within the industry and raised questions about the future of the platform. In this context, looking at other European event platforms, could be particularly valuable. 

In this blog post, we highlight some of the best European alternatives to Hopin, and why and when it might make sense to think outside the box and consider these options.

Why do I need a Hopin alternative?  

The online event tools 'Hopin Events' and 'Hopin Sessions' will be transferred to the US company Ringcentral as part of the acquisition and will probably be renamed and rebranded accordingly to 'Ringcentral Events' and 'Ringcentral Sessions'. Ringcentral already offers a video conferencing platform that competes with Zoom, MS Teams and WebEx, in addition to traditional business communications solutions. A few products such as Streamyard will continue to be managed by Hopin under its own umbrella with a significantly smaller team. 

The following questions will help you analyze whether you need an alternative virtual event platform:

  • Will pricing change and will the new pricing plans fit my needs?
  • Will there be changes in features and service?
  • Do I want or am I allowed to give my data, including the data of all participants, to a US company?
  • Is the online event app still DSGVO-compliant?

Overview of European online event platforms

Europe is rich in innovative and feature-rich online event platforms. Besides the German event platforms like Meetyoo and Talque, we present you strong alternative event tools that have their headquarters in Europe.

Veertly - Das "Schweizer Taschenmesser" der Eventplattformen

First, there is Veertly, a Swiss platform (which also has a German branch) that focuses especially on interaction and networking. Veertly offers a versatile set of features, ranging from virtual 3D booths to interactive breakout sessions and gamification elements. With a clear focus on user experience, Veertly has created a platform that is very easy to use for both organizers:and attendees while creating a WOW experience.

The special thing about Veertly is that the platform is flexibly adaptable to the requirements and can thus cover numerous use cases such as townhall meetings, online conferences, webinars but also virtual career fairs and workshops. In addition, Veertly offers first-class customer support before, during, and after the event in German, English as well as French, among other languages.

Airlst - The Underdog from Germany

Airlst is a small European online platform focused on hosting virtual and hybrid events. It offers a range of features including ticketing, attendee management and an integrated networking tool. The platform also allows users to customize the design of the event to their own brand, which emphasizes the individuality of the event. However, using Airlst requires some training, as the variety of features may be overwhelming for some users at first. Nevertheless, Airlst offers a wide range of options for hosting virtual and hybrid events.

Brella - The Nordic Plattform Alternative

Brella is a Finnish platform that specializes in organizing virtual, hybrid and live events. It offers extensive features such as a personalized agenda, matchmaking tools and networking opportunities. This makes it a good choice for large conferences and networking events. However, Brella's price could be a hurdle for smaller companies or events that have a limited budget. The platform could also present a learning curve for beginners, as it offers many specialized features. Overall, however, Brella offers a comprehensive solution for hosting professional events of various types.

Swapcard - Online Events de France

Swapcard is a France-based event platform that focuses on both physical and virtual and hybrid events. It offers a range of features, including personalized event agendas, exhibitor catalogs and an effective networking tool based on artificial intelligence. In addition, Swapcard allows integration with other platforms, which increases flexibility and versatility. However, the wide variety of features can be overwhelming for some users and require some training time. In addition, the platform is not entirely inexpensive and may not be financially feasible for smaller organizations or NGOs. Nevertheless, Swapcard offers a robust and comprehensive solution for a wide range of event types and sizes.

These platforms are just a few of the many alternatives available in Europe that could be a valuable consideration if you are looking for alternatives to Hopin.


RunTheWorld will be shut-down after is also sold and closes the event platform

Besides Hopin, it was also announced that the virtual event platform from the US 'Run The World', known for digital cocktail parties, was sold to Eventmobi and the product will be shut down soon. Veertly as well as the other event platform mentioned are also suitable as alternative event management software for Run The World.

After the upheaval at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the event industry has now arrived at the "New Normal" and it is to be expected that the market will consolidate further and more event providers will disappear from the market. This makes it all the more important for event managers to take a close look at online event apps.


How do I find the right alternative for my online event?

Given the number of platforms available, it can be a challenge to choose the one that best fits your specific needs. Whether you're planning a large conference, a small networking event, or an interactive webinar, each platform has its strengths and offers unique features that can add character to your event.

It is therefore recommended that you take the time to research different platforms, ideally creating a test event and comparing them. Consider not only price and basic features, but also aspects such as ease of use, customer service, integration options and, of course, the specific requirements of your event.

Ultimately, the goal is to find a platform that will not only make your event run smoothly, but also create a memorable experience for all attendees. It could be that Veertly is just the right platform for your next event. But only you can make that decision, based on your knowledge, your needs, and your goals. That's why we encourage you to take the first step and explore the world of European online event platforms. Book a free Veertly demo now.

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